Translation workflow

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Project management

       Specially assigned employees take charge of individual translation tasks. Their responsibilities include the coordination and evaluation of overall projects, job assignment based on profession or genre, the supervision of scheduling, and quality control. Collectively, these tasks unify the team and translation process. With control at this level, the timeliness and accuracy of your translation are assured. 

  Accurate Words Translation has established a strict system of quality management, through which we track and verify each translation as it moves through the process.


I. Document Analysis Free Quotation

  After receiving your e-mail or telephone call, we'll check the workload and the requirements of clients, including the page number, word count, format, image processing, text format, terms of delivery and turnaround time. We will provide you with a free quotation as soon as possible. For documents of larger word counts, we'll appoint a coordinator who will be responsible for long-term follow-up and coordination, because we believe active communication can effectively improve customer satisfaction. We will make medium- and long-term translation service proposal according to your request. Long-term customers enjoy further benefits, including exemption from rush fees, exclusive bilingual glossaries, and confidential space with cloud technology to further ensure the consistency and confidentiality.


II. Establish the Process and Proceed to Translation

  Our coordinator will appoint the translators, assign tasks and arrange the delivery order in addition to providing simultaneous coordination, supervision and control based on the project requirements. In order to provide you with the very best solution, we'll use only the translators with the right educational background, technical experience and professional knowledge to translate your files. This is particularly important if the documents involve specialized knowledge.


III. Double Proofreading (First and Second Reviews) 

  Once the translation draft is completed, the translator will have a full proofreading performed in order to check for mistakes, mistranslations, omissions and other issues. Afterwards, the native translators will make revision and the second proofreading (including grammar, sentence structure, word accuracy and the overall logical consistency), and send the advice for revision back to the translator. Then, they input relevant opinions into our computer system to avoid repeated mistakes in the future and improve the overall efficiency.


IV. Professional Review

  After completing the second full draft proofreading and revision, if there is nothing that involves professional judgment, the translation will be handed over to another translator for a final review. Otherwise, the translation is sent to a subject expert for a third review (analysis on terminology and glossaries). 


V. Formatting, Editing and Processing

  Our professional computer technology teams are able to cope with a variety of new software. We can make a satisfactory formatting in accordance with the requirements of customers. If the customer has no special requirements, we'll maintain the original file format, check the text, and adjust the page, typeface, font size and table and chart format to ensure visual appeal and readability.


VI. Delivery to the Client by the Coordinator

  The coordinator's most important task is to communicate with the client and be accountable for project excellence. At the final stage, the coordinator will determine whether the translation meets the client's stated requirement, doing so with particular attention to formatting and the deadline. When those parameters are satisfied--at the highest level--the translation is submitted to the client.


VII. After-Sale Service and Feedback

  We cherish feedback and suggestions of every customer to continuously improve the quality of our services. We provide free revision and advisory services for customers within a year if the original text isn't changed.

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