Development philosophy and objectives

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  "Translating professionally and improving constantly" is a guiding philosophy of Accurate Words Translation Co., Ltd., which aims to be the most competitive, most influential translation company in Macau.

  • We meet the entire world from our base in Macau, so as to achieve international operation and integrate with the international culture. Our long-term goal is to become a cooperative partner for the world's top 500 enterprises, and therefore we function as a multilingual provider of professional language services. We not only make a positive contribution to the diversified development of Macau’s economy, but also do our shares to help Macau become an economic and trade platform for cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries and thereby serve as a center for world tourism and recreation.

  • We adhere to the operating principle of "survival on quality and development on reputation," providing clients with cost efficiency in exchange for their maximum satisfaction. We make all our full-time and part-time employees proud to be part of the team.

  • Macau is an important link connecting Portuguese-speaking countries with China. In recent years, China has emphasized the development of new economic power through the transformation and upgrading of the economy, which contains enormous market potential and is an opportunity for the world. Hence, countless opportunities for multilingual information flow are present in the background. Against this backdrop, our mission is to make your choice one that you can believe in.

  • We are convinced that to "do it better" is much more important than to "do it bigger," and of course we know that large enterprises aren't necessarily excellent enterprises. Many enterprises in all trades and professions focus on market share but pay little attention to quality. Consequently, Macau's linguistic advantages aren't fully reflected. We believe that attitude decides how far a company can go. Therefore, we believe a company's development is closely related to the quality of its language service provider. Whether the translation is of high quality is decided by our attitude toward the translation. We're committed to becoming an excellent enterprise. We want to bring society the greatest value and make Macau the bridge for economic and trade interaction between China and Western countries.

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