TV translation and dubbing

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  Accurate Words Translation translates all types of video files, including film and TV scripts, videotapes, and DVD/VCD, and provides a variety of professional dubbing and subtitling services in many languages.

A vivid presentation facilitates understanding

  Film translation is different from other forms of translation because the translator must not only convert Chinese to other languages but must also take into consideration different local cultures and their expressive mannerisms. Moreover, the viewer in each respective country must be able to accept and get used to a different life background, culture, beliefs and education as he or she matures. If you want to win the favor of audiences in the overseas market, you'll need to use the forms of expression with which the audience feels comfortable.

  Because translation quality has a great influence on film, if the translator doesn't grasp the inherent cultural background or the essence of the words, the subtitles can ruin a film, and an otherwise touching plot can be rendered bland and insincere. Of course, our goal is that the audience in the target culture will appreciate the customer's hard work, so that films from Macau can be enjoyed abroad. 

  Macau and countries overseas are attaching more importance to films. Many government agencies hold advanced programs and international seminars on domestic and overseas film translation and production in order to cultivate talents for the field of film production, and this reveals the great demand for such talents in the market. The gap is significant.

  Accordingly, as a means to promote the development of the local creative industry in Macau, we offer discounts for local film and TV making agencies. The discounts can be as high as 30% off the total price.

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