Quality Guarantee

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       We believe high-quality translation is the lifeblood of a successful translation company. That quality will have a profoundly positive influence on the company's effort to grow and prosper. Therefore, each translator at Accurate Words Translation makes excellent quality his or her top priority, and the entire team follows a strict system of quality control. The system is structured so comprehensively that not a single step can be skipped. That sense of quality--that devotion to excellence--is rooted in the heart of each translator. It's the cornerstone of the Accurate Words Translation business philosophy, as it guarantees the stability of our customer relationships.

       Relying on our advanced computer technology, we have included the contents of various Macau-originated books in 2017, thus forming our latest corpus and term bank which is aided by CAT tools and network technology. So, when a new customer engages our services for that first project, our computer system will track and record the terms and automatically place them in the database. This guarantees consistency and coherence for all subsequent documents of the same type. Accordingly, it makes every future translation process quicker and more efficient. 

       Excellent translation quality, proactive management, attentive customer service and advanced technical support are the ingredients in our strong, loyal customer relationships.



- Three reviewsThe triple-review method allows us to cover your translation in fine details so that the target audience will benefit from correct, readable text. 

I. The first review

Once the translation draft is completed, the translator will have a full proofreading performed in order to check for mistakes, mistranslations, omissions and other issues.

II. The second review

The native translator will perform a revision and second proofreading (including grammar, sentence structure, word usage and logical consistency), after which he/she will send the advice for revision back to the translator. All relevant opinions from this step will then be entered in our computer system so that the identified errors won't be repeated. This helps ensure the efficiency of our process.

III. The third review or expert review

  The second full draft proofreading and revision will generally ensure the clarity and correctness of the translation. Thus, if there is no aspect that requires further professional judgment, the translation will be handed over to another translator for the final review. Otherwise, the translation will be sent to a subject expert for the third review, this time with an emphasis on terminology and glossaries.

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