High gratitude shall be expressed to government sectors, private organizations and corporations for their great supports! It is necessary for the company to implement unified management since April, 2018, which is beneficial for mass monitoring the progress of your manuscript translation. Moreover, dialogues between the company and clients will be recorded to further improve the service quality. Please inquire or feedback problems by Email as far as possible, and we will reply to you immediately.



Accurate Words Translation Co., Ltd. is a professional translation service provider whose establishment has been approved by the government of Macau Special Administrative Region of the PRC. The founders of our company are all well-qualified translators, our employees are qualified specialists who meet or exceed the standards of renowned international translation associations, committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective translation and associated services.

- Professional team

Our team consists of seasoned native translators and local interpreters, the latter having experience in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for major international conferences. Seminars on different topics are held regularly in order to enhance the competencies of our linguists.

- Various languages

The traditional translation service, in which Accurate Words Translation Co., Ltd. is engaged, includes a dozen of the world's leading languages, such as Chinese, English, Portuguese, Japanese, etc.

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